Charlotte Max Design

Charlotte Max Designs was conceived and founded in early 2013 by Michelle Morgan Lockhart to share her love of vintage lucite handbags. The company is named after Mimi, her grandmother (above with her children in 1949), who had her own extensive collection of lucite handbags.

Our modern collection is available online, at trunk shows, and at select boutiques and museum stores. We also offer a curated collection of vintage bags exclusively at trunk shows. Please sign up for our emails for more information.

The Original Charlotte Max

Mimi cherished all things beautiful and lived her life surrounded by her adoring husband, 4 children and the arts. She loved music and especially dance and would dance anytime and anywhere (supposedly even in the grocery store to the horror of her children). Included in her “beautiful things” was her collection of lucite handbags – which she probably wore to the grocery store to dance.

This company strives to continue her quest for beautiful things.